How have mayors’ properties changed: Ismail Jahoski

Ismail Jahoski, has been managing the Municipality of Plasnica for two decades. When you hear his name you immediately associate it with Pucko Petrol. And when you come up with the name of the company, you know that it is the company that has received a record number of tenders over the years. The state money obtained in favor of Pucko Petrol was saved neither during the rule of VMRO-DPMNE, nor of SDSM. For the central and local institutions Pucko Petrol always meets the requirements set out in the tenders.

For the first two months of 2020 alone, Pucko Petrol has won 10 tenders totaling 417,334 Euros. The most expensive tender is 124,406 Euros for a contract with the Municipality of Sveti Nikole.

Investigative reporters have previously reported on Jahoski’s oil business, as well as his fifth re-election. In 2018, in an interview with the Investigative Reporter Lab, Jahoski said that the people had “made” him be a mayor again, not that he had wanted it himself.

SCOOP accessed Jahoski’s property documents over the years. When he took office as mayor in 2012, his property was valued at 426,710 Euros. For 19 items no value was listed. Eight years ago, Jahoski’s property consisted of two houses, four apartments, a land, two pastures, two yards, two fields, three business premises and a garage, all of these with no value listed. In 2012 Jahoski reported that he owned 31% of Pucko Petrol, and the remaining 68% of the company’s share were his children’s.

In 2013 the value of the property decreased and it was 259,714 Euros. There were 16 items on the list, and his children’s items had been removed, and there were no shares in Pucko Petrol. But in 2017, Jahoski’s property list submitted to the SCPC was different from the one before. The value dropped to as much as 47,906 Euros, but only because the property now had 14 items, of which 4 had no value stated.

Today, Ismail Jahoski’s property list is filled with extensive personal property, again not giving any ownership data on some of the property. He owns land, houses and apartments. There are several claims on a loan, lease, and several denar savings books and foreign currency accounts as well as transaction accounts. Jahoski has not stated ownership for the business premises, the auxiliary premises, the apartments as well as the residential business premises. In 2020 he owns property valued at 763,500 Euros.